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We are a family owned and operated Private care service provider regulated by the Scottish Care Inspectorate. We aim to provide a service to Service Users which consistently meets and exceeds their expectations.

For our Service Users we will

• Understand their needs • Develop its staff to meet those needs •
• Be energetic, thorough and pro-active • Always to do their best •
• Have integrity and honesty • Be self-critical and committed to self-improvement •
• Support fellow team workers • Be happy in their work •

Ability Care Services

Latest Inspection Gradings

Statement 1 Grading 5 – "Very Good"
Statement 3 Grading 5 – "Very Good"
Statement 4 Grading 5 – "Very Good"

... and we're very proud of this.

About us:

ABILITY Care - Looking after the ones you love

ABILITY Care is a family owned and operated Care and Support provider regulated by the Care Inspectorate, operating in the Renfrewshire locale.

Since 2003, we have been providing a number of different services for people in their own homes; from 24hr support including personal care and hygiene to weekly shopping and domestic services.

We have been gradually building upon the services we provide over these many years to keep the emphasis on ‘Quality’ rather than ‘Quantity’ as we believe that a company who grows too big, too fast, will inevitably lose the quality on which it was founded in the first place!

We always look for people who have that ‘little something special’ about them. We practice Safer Recruitment in our employment process to meet legal and regulatory requirements and welcome people into our team who demonstrate reliability, integrity, skill, friendliness and professionalism to mention but a few of our quality standards.

Pssst… Our most recent full Care Inspectorate Gradings are available to view here.

Care at Home:

WHAT is a Care at Home Package?

So what is  Care at Home? The definition varies, but we just like to call it living with dignity.

There are different kinds of help that you can receive in your own home; from 1 hour per week to help with the shopping or cleaning, support to socialise within the community for a few hours a day to 24 hour overnight care from a professional, trained member of the ABILITY Care Team.

We will meet with you and discuss exactly what you want from your service to make sure we meet your expectations and help you to identify any personal goals you want to work towards.

The benefits of being at home

  • Keeping the comforts of home.

    We don’t need to remind you of the comforts that being at home bring, but we can appreciate the comfort of your favourite chair, the smell of your favourite dinner cooking, taking time to relax in your bath.
    With the help from our Team, you can stay in the place you love, with the things that bring you the most joy. We help you to maintain your independence and continue to enjoy all your home comforts.

  • Person-led Care.

    We understand that you may feel intimidated by having to discuss private, sometimes intimate matters with a stranger and not knowing what to expect. This is why we will meet with you so you can speak to a member of our Team face-to-face. With this in mind, we encourage family and significant people in your life to be involved (where this is appropriate), in the choices you make about the support you’re looking for.

  • Family Support and Participation.

    Making use of care at home services has shown to help minimise the feelings of isolation, help alleviate poor physical and mental health, reduce the likelihood of hospital admission and presents a chance to develop new relationships and participation in activities. Services have also shown to reduce some of the additional pressure on families and friends; having a specifically designed service from ABILITY Care that meets you expectations, means your family time remains family orientated; an enjoyable experience and time well spent for everyone.

  • Quality and Effectiveness of Services .

    We know how important it is. It’s not always possible to be there for someone you love and likewise, it’s not always that you want to bring attention to the fact that you need some help. ABILITY Care offer an extensive range of services to help support you and your family, with quality and effectiveness of services put at the forefront of what we do.


The various types of Care Services we provide.

You may have an idea of what home care services you need help with today, but most service users’ are amazed at the variety of tasks our Care at Home Assistants can support with to ensure that your personal preferences are met and offers you the best possible experience of living at home for longer. We take pride in the extremely high level of customer service and physical and emotional comfort we provide to our service users, so for those that prefer to remain in their home, we can tailor our services to meet your needs.

  • Personal Care and Personal Hygiene.

    Tasks include, but are not limited to:
      •  Washing, bathing, showering, hair washing, shaving and brushing teeth
      •  Using toilet facilities, including help with continence related tasks (emptying Catheter bags, Commodes etc.)
      •  Dressing and undressing including help with support stockings and shoes
      •  Trimming finger and toe nails (if there is no Diabetes present)

  • Food and Nutrition.

    Our team are all trained in Food Hygiene practices and preparation of nutritional, balanced meals. This service includes preparing and cooking a meal of your choice. Some people prefer to have a ready meal and others prefer to have a team member with them for a few hours to cook several meals for the week ahead and store them in freezer; and some choose a daily meal service for food to be prepared and served.

    Our team member will also clean your Kitchen area, empty your bin, wash, dry and put away your dishes, but only if this is something that you don’t want to do yourself or are unable to do.

  • Shopping.

    You might decide that you would like to go shopping for the meals you would like. If so, a team member will spend time planning and writing a list with you and take you shopping for the food you really enjoy.

    But it’s not just about food. If you enjoy looking through the latest fashion trends, or this seasons ‘must-have’ buys, we can do the cat-walk with you! *Our team member will accompany you. We call this Social support, but you can call it a great day out with time well spent in your community.

    Our team member will accompany you to the shops so you can have some time well spent in your community. We call this Social support, but you can call it a great day out.

  • Home from Hospital.

    This service has been developed to get you settled back in after a stay away from home; it doesn’t have to be in Hospital. There are different elements of this service, please speak to us about what you need.

    In short, our team member will meet you at the destination, help you pack your belongings and get you back home to where you can relax with a drink and something to eat. We can go shopping for some food to get you ready to be back at home, collect any medication from the Pharmacy and support you at any further appointments.

  • 24 hour Care.

    If you need 24 hour support in your own home, ABILITY Care can help. We offer assistance with all aspects of care and support that you could need. A few of these are…

      •  Personal Care and associated tasks
      •  Collecting medication and prompting this
      •  Going for shopping
      •  Preparing and cooking meals
      •  Domestic tasks
      •  Making and attending appointment
      •  Companionship

    24 hour care is so inclusive and varied depending on your needs, it would be impossible to list everything that we can do. Please ask us if there is something that you need that is not listed here; because everyone needs something different.

  • Palliative (End of Life) Care.

    If you have a medical condition from which you will not recover, you may already be familiar with the term Palliative (or End of Life) Care.

    Whilst nobody likes to think of a time when they might no longer be here, it is important to make your needs and wishes understood during this process.

    Our team will focus on your needs and wishes and will work towards achieving the goals you have set out to accomplish; all whilst providing the best quality care and support.


All your questions answered.

This is our list of 'frequently asked questions', if you have any other question not listed just
call us 0141 889 6111 or simply send us an email from the Contact page.

  • Will you visit me in my own home to discuss what help I need?

    We’ll arrange an Assessment day and time to come and meet with you (and a family member or significant other in your life, if you choose) to discuss exactly what you need and goals you want to achieve.

  • Can I have someone with me when I discuss what help I need?

    Absolutely. We encourage participation from people in your life who know you best and can help us get it just right for you.

  • What happens if the care I need changes?

    Let’s talk about it. If your needs change, so do our services. You can discuss your changed needs with us, just like we do at Assessment.

  • What will I have to pay, how and when?

    The cost of your service depends on how many hours you’re looking for. Services can be paid for by BACS (Bank Automated Clearing System), Standing Order or cash and Invoices are generated every 4 weeks.

  • Will I have the same Team all the time?

    Everyone at ABILITY Care works very hard and they need a holiday from time-to-time, so you will get to know a team of staff who will work with you to achieve everything you’re looking for from your service. (We put together a team of staff based on your needs and goals.)

  • Will I know what time the team member will visit me?

    We have Rotas in place to make sure that everyone knows who they’re visiting on which day and at what time. We admit we can’t rely on the Scottish weather for support to achieve this and bad weather can affect timing of services, but significantly bad weather and traffic delays can be a reality.
    Times of your service will be discussed with you and we try our best to make sure that everyone is on time.

  • Will my information I give remain confidential?

    Personal data which you provide to ABILITY Care will be used in accordance with the legal bases for processing as outlined in the General Data Protection Regulations. Those legal bases which apply to the processing of your personal data by ABILITY Care are defined as follows:

      •  Consent - the individual has given clear consent for ABILITY Care to process their personal data for a specific purpose.
      •  Contract - the processing is necessary for a contract ABILITY CAre has with the individual, or because they have asked ABILITY Care to take specific steps before entering into a contract.
      •  Legal Obligation - the processing is necessary for ABILITY Care to comply with the law (not including contractual obligations).
      •  Vital Interest - the processing is necessary to protect someone's life.
      •  Legitimate Interests - the processing is necessary for ABILITY Care's legitimate interests or the legitimate interests of a third party unless there is a good reason to protect the individual's personal data which overrides those legitimate interests.

  • Have the team members been personally interviewed?

    Employing people to work in Care could be very easy. But taking the time to really speak to people through their interview helps us to understand the person behind the paperwork. Employing caring people to work within our team is something we take great pride in being able to say we can actually achieve.

  • What are PVG checks?

    Protection of Vulnerable Groups Scheme (or PVG) is a criminal record register that shows if people applying to work in Care are suitable to work with our Service Users. A PVG check is carried out for every team member who comes to work with us. The Register shows any criminal convictions that the team member may have before applying to work with us and is updated regularly.

  • Are the team members trained?

    Induction training is mandatory for everyone who joins our team. Some people come to ABILITY Care with training and experience as long as their arm! And some we welcome to us with a fresh pair of eyes and a keenness to learn all these new skills that can be taught. On-going training and development of our team is integral to the services we provide and in making sure you can achieve your goals.

  • How are team members supervised if they work in the community?

    We have different team members who carry out ‘on-job’ supervision of work carried out. You may even get to know some of them; as they work in the community providing top quality services for people too! Office based Supervision and Annual Appraisals are carried out to make sure that team members are as happy and as well trained as they can be to provide you with the best care and support.

  • Will Nursing care be given?

    Our team are not qualified Nurses and do not carry out nursing tasks. District Nurses can come and visit you in your home to carry out any nursing tasks that you need as part of remaining independent in your community.

  • Can I give the team members gifts?

    We know that people like to show gratitude for the services they receive directly from our team. It is generally not acceptable to give gifts to team members, but if you wish to do so, a small token of appreciation may be acceptable if you notify an Office team member beforehand.

  • Can the team members sign legal documents?

    Team members are there to support you to achieve your goals and get the very best from the services you receive. They cannot witness (or sign) any legal documentation, that would be a job for your family or significant others who are involved in your care.



When you first contact us to make an enquiry about our care at home services we will need some information from you. This information will start with your name and address. These you may have already provided in order to receive this information pack. In addition we will request that you provide a contact telephone number in order for us to follow up the enquiry by arranging a free home visit to discuss the service needs you have or the needs of the person you are enquiring for. Further information which will be useful to have to hand for any pre-arranged home visit can be found below.

Click to open our Enquiry form:

Our Team:

We have Managers within the company who are based at our office.

The Management Team are responsible for recruitment, training, management of the care team and accounts.
They liaise closely with service users, social workers and other health care professionals. Overall responsibility for the management of Ability Care rests with its owners and reflects the skills required for the work of the organisation.

Full details on our management team are coming soon.



Come work with us!

You’ve read what we have to offer to people who use our services. Do you think you could come and work with us?
If you think you’ve got what it takes to be one of the team, contact us!

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Out of hours emergency number 07753 454 749

If you have an emergency and need to speak to someone about your care at home service after the office is closed, please call this number above.

If you need to speak to someone about your care at home service our office is open:
9.00am - 5.00pm   Monday to Thursday  and  9.00am - 3.00pm  Friday.

St James Business Centre, Linwood Road, PAISLEY, PA3 3AT : Telephone: 0141 889 6111

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